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about me

Hurdy-gurdy player, professional performing musician since 2021, he is also a state-certified teacher tenured by Cefedem de Lyon (in traditional music).

From his beginnings at the Autun conservatory with Aline Pilon, passing a year at the CRD of Nevers, the former faithful to Patrick Bouffard's masterclasses is today a professional in this branch of the acoustic hurdy-gurdy, inheriting the style of game of his mentor. He worksToday within thetrio Meunier Villeneuve, Tazières, Silenier and finallyDuo Meunier Buteau; this group whose album “Evidence», published in October 2020, is out of print today despite its release in the middle of a pandemic.


Inspired by the greatest master ringers, he defends the acoustic hurdy gurdy, as well as a style of playing derived from the traditional culture in which he has been immersed since childhood.

This is also the subject of his latest album;Tourne-Sonne released at the end of 2022, which will soon be the subject of a show. This project takes acoustic hurdy-gurdy and traditional playing style to multiple musical universes surrounded by 6 excellent musicians from all walks of life.

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